Vehicle Registration

Out of state dealer purchase – to register a vehicle purchased from an out of state dealer provide the following:

  • Completed title (completed odometer and damage disclosure statement or provide MV-103)
  • Provide all original dealer assignment forms
  • Dealer bill of sale
  • Insurance id card (FS-20)
  • Driver license or 6 points of id (for proof of id see ID-82)
  • Completed MV-82
  • Completed DTF-802 or DTF-803 which ever applies
  • MV-103 (if not completed on title)
  • Payment to DMV (plates, registration, title, and sales tax)
  • 85Quick, Inc. service fee (Contact us for a quote)

Note: For a title only transaction you don’t have to provide the insurance id card (FS20) and DMV will not charge a plates and registration fee.

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