Ah, the Department of Motor Vehicles!   Waiting on long lines, shuttling from window to window, then finding out that you left a document home and have to start all over again…Who doesn’t love that?

Almost nobody, that’s who.   And that’s why a brand-new service, 85Quick DMV Services, has arrived on the North Shore to remove all the stress and inconvenience of a dreaded trip to the DMV.

Carlos Vargas, the owner of 85Quick, has been running his quick-and-easy expediting service from his home in Rockville Centre for the past seven years.  85Quick offers a complete DMV service in expediting vehicle registration, plate surrender and duplicate titles.  “It’s all about convenience.  From Locust Valley to Garden City it’s an hour round-trip, without traffic,” Mr. Vargas points out.  “And there’s always traffic.  Now suppose you’re missing a document, or your name doesn’t match your I.D., and you have to run back home to get proof – who needs all that aggravation?”

Mr. Vargas has had years of experience dealing with the Motor Vehicle Bureau, he knows all the ins and outs, the pitfalls and the shortcuts.   For a flat rate, he fills out all the paperwork, gathers the pertinent documents, makes sure everything is in order, and runs the package over to the DMV the very next day.  It’s a godsend for people who are immobile, tied up in the city, or just too busy to spend hours dealing with DMV bureaucracy.

Mr. Vargas can also offer advice on common mistakes, such as filling out tax forms for tax-exempt vehicles.  “Sometimes you pay for things you don’t need to, and nobody’s going to tell you otherwise.”

85Quick has a long list of satisfied customers who happily sing its praises.  “I’ve been using 85Quick for a few years now,” says Jim Coniglione, who owns Scoopy Doo Pet Waste Removal Service next door.  “I have no time to waste at the DMV.  Carlos gets it done fast and at a reasonable price.  He provides great service, and he’s a nice guy!”

85Quick is open 10 am-5 pm, Monday thru Friday, 10 am-3 pm on Saturday, and can be reached at 516 857-8425 (85-QUICK).  Mr. Vargas will also do home pick-ups outside business hours. His goal is to make things as convenient as possible for his customers.  “I like to be able to help people.”

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